AYKA Zipper

AYKA Zipper have the determination for creating, developing, performing, continuity of efficiency and constant improvement of the quality.

For the requirements of this subject, AYKA Zipper guarantees:

  • Company Management,
  • To communicating about the importance of answering the demands of customers and the requirements of the regulations, with all departments,
  • To create the quality policy which determines the quality approach and vision of the company,
  • To determine quality goals and aim to work according to those goals, to be able to manage the effectiveness and the productivity of the operations.
  • To be able to determine the suitability of quility management,
  • To manage required control and decision making mechanisms, applying planned revisions, and to ensure suitability, sufficiency and efficiency of the quality management system.
  • To provide the resources required for efficient operation.

Our sense of quality is based on having the World standards both in our production and our services. With this sense, we always keep the quality issue in priority for the production process with our qualified staff and we target to carry the customer satisfaction to the highest level.

Turkey Zipper Manufacturer

Our ultimate purpose is to be a more preferable supplier with our expanding expertise & knowledge, high production quality, competitive prices and on-time deliveries.

Turkey Zipper

Turkey Zipper, with its 500.000 pcs monthly capacity, runs technology with principals of quality and efficiency.

Turkey Zipper Factory

The key of our strategy is being proactive by using power of experience and innovation.

Turkey Zipper Supplier

Our aim is to be proactive, sustainable and creative by preserving high quality and speed, flexibility, social compliances besides being the key to ‘technical engineering and design’ to meet customers’ expectations.

Turkey Zipper Company

Turkey Zipper was established in 1996 and has a continuous growth since then. We have a balanced policy of quality and prices versus punctual deliveries as a result of rapid flexible production.

Turkey Zipper Wholesaler

Our vision is to become a preferable supplier for the world fashion brands by combining production & design together with the speed, flexibility and high quality.

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